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Writing Down Your Blueprint - 4 STEPS TO SUCCESS

Failing To Plan is Planning To Fail
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A Blueprint For Your Home

Create your blueprintHome builders dare not build a house without first drawing up a blueprint.  When they follow the blueprint, the house turns out exactly as planned.  Without a blueprint, the house would not be square, measurements throughout the entire house would be not match up, and the final product would probably look a little weird.

So many people go through their lives without first planning the journey.  Rather than make plans for a successful future, they hoped life would eventually turn out ok.  This might explain why so many retire in poverty.  Very few people get lucky enough to retire in the manner they hoped for without first drawing up a blueprint.

Talk to any successful person you can find, and ask them how they got to where they are.  They will tell you that they had a blueprint for getting there.

My 10 year old daughter recently informed us that she wanted to be an attorney.  We sat down with her and explained to her what it will take to become an attorney.  We explained the dedication and commitment required.  We explained how she would have to have good grades to get into law school and would therefore have to improve her study habits.  After we finished discussing the matter, she agreed to the blueprint we laid out for her and she started studying harder and is getting better grades this year in school.


A Blueprint For Your Life!

Map out a blueprint for your life!Let’s compare your life to taking a cross country trip.  You’re on the east coast and you want to go to the west coast.  You’ve never left the state you live in, so you don’t have any experience traveling anywhere else.  Are you just going to jump in the car and start driving, and hope you get to where you want to go on the west coast?  Of course not, that would be absurd.  A four day trip could take you weeks, maybe even months to get there, if you got there at all.

You would start by either getting your maps out and planning the trip, or you would go to AAA and have them show you the best routes to take so that you could arrive at your destination in a timely manner.

Your life is like a trip.  You have to map it out.  Decide on your destination, where it is that you want to arrive, and how you plan on getting there.  Draw up the blueprint, the plans that will make it all possible.

The cold hard truth about the journey is this…the road to anywhere leads nowhere, and that is exactly where you’ll wind up if you don’t have a plan for your life.  Let 4 Steps To Success help you draw up a blueprint that will give you the life you want and deserve!

Posted on Oct 24, 2013
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  1. Rachale says:

    Great post Debra!!! I agree life is a journey and when one fails to get directions they end up lost!!!

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