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What Is Your Why? - 4 STEPS TO SUCCESS

It is your why that motivates you to do great things!
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The Big Why

It's easy when you know your why!You’ll never get very far in life unless you know and understand the reason why you are doing what you do?  Successful people have a purpose behind everything they do.  They are the people who get things done.  They are the people who shake up the world and they are the reason things get accomplished.

It is because they know and understand their why that they are motivated to do great things.  Motivation can move mountains, and without motivation, you’ll most likely go through life dreading each and every day.  Getting up in the morning may not be something you look forward to, simply because you don’t have a good reason to jump out of bed and hop into action.

How often have you heard stories about the extremely successful person who came from nothing, who lived in poverty as a child, who had no advantages of any type, and yet they went onward through life and made a great success out of themselves?  This person had a very big why.  This person had a purpose in life.  This purpose motivated them every single day.  This person couldn’t wait to get up in the morning, and couldn’t wait to embark upon the next project and get it completed and move on to the next step towards the goal.  Yes, this person had a big why!


Do You Have A WHY?

Are you drifting through life, or do you have a purpose?  Is there something out there you want to accomplish?  Do you have a big why?  There are many, many people who don’t, and it may be reasonably suggested that this is the reason why so many retire in poverty.

The Great American Dream - Do you know your why?What about that Great American Dream we heard about as children in the United States?  It’s the reason so many people move to America.  They have a big dream, and it is this dream that drives them every single day.  Some people have a dream, yet they never take action, they just dream about it.  You have to wake up and chase your dream if you want to catch it.  It doesn’t do any good to only dream about the things you want if you never do anything about it.

Someone once posed the question, “Why are there so many foreigners in this country who own businesses?”  That was a very good question, and there is also a very good answer.  They have a why!  They have a dream!  They have a purpose!  America is the land of opportunity, and they understand that.  It is because they have a purpose that they chase their dream and catch it.  Everyone else just sits on the sidelines and watches them.


To Have A Why or Not To Have A Why?  That is the question…

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?  Are you working in a dead end job with a boss who works you like a slave?  You can remain in that bad situation as so many others do, or you can make the choice to change your life.

The first step to finding your why

Look at that person in the mirror and have a good talk with that person.  Talk about what it is you want from life.  Talk about the things you dream about.  Talk about what you can do to achieve that dream.  It all begins though, by making a choice that you will no longer accept being sick and tired of being sick and tired.,

Will it be easy?  It may be very difficult at first because it will require a mindset change on your part.  You will need to retrain your mind to do something more than just drift through life.  You will need to map out the journey you are about to take.  Consider what your purpose is, what your goals are, and break them down into little baby steps.  The big goal is often too hard to go after unless you take small steps towards achieving that goal.  Ask yourself, “what is the very first thing I can do, what is the first step that needs to be taken towards my goal.”  Don’t focus so much on the “how” but instead focus on your “why.”  It’s your “why” that will motivate you to figure out your “how.”


The Reason Why!

You’ve no doubt heard that every journey begins with the first step.  This is true, but if you don’t take the first step, you’ll never get anywhere.  Consider this…going through life without a why, without a purpose, is actually harder than working towards something you want.  Without a why, you dread every moment, every day, every year.  But when you have a why, you are motivated to jump up out of bed, you are excited to hop right into your day, and you understand when you pursue your why that life not only has purpose to it, it also is full of joy!

We're here to help at 4 Steps To Success!One of our goals here at 4 Steps To Success is to help you discover your why, to help you find direction and purpose to your life, and to help you map out your journey so that you can take that first step towards the future you have always wanted and dreamed about.  Don’t just sit there and think about the things you have just read, you might talk yourself into procrastinating….contact us immediately, contact us now, and let’s take that first step together!  We’re waiting to hear from you!

And…always remember this…

Anything worth having is worth working for when you know your why.

Posted on Oct 22, 2013
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