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The road to happiness is written in the Bible: THE way, THE truth and THE Light is Jesus Christ.

It is held by Christians worldwide that there is an innate emptiness in each of our hearts; we try to fill it up with “stuff’, with experiences, purchases, with drugs and alcohol or sex; this vacuum, this empty place in our heart can only be filled by Jesus Christ.

Anything and everything else is only temporary. You can keep on trying to fill this void, but the only puzzle piece that fits is Christ.

Surrendering your life to God leads to amazing things. It takes away all of your fears-you’ve given those old fears and problems to God; how he handles them is meant to be.

You simply don’t have to worry anymore. You do, however, have to be open to what God may have in mind for your life.

God does not give you more than you can handle, but He may push you in directions that you’ve never thought about. In prayer, ask for your needs, not your wants, and your life will be forever changed.

You will find the purpose of your life in your ministry, be it music, teaching, preaching, giving or reaching the lost.

Your life, as you knew it, empty and void, will be replaced by a lifestyle that compares to no other. The happiness-the joy-that you could never find will be a part of your life in abundance.

All the roads lead to Happiness: History of our life, the eternal cycle
by: Sabine Allamelle
publisher: Quinternaire Éditions, published: 2015-05-06

Where does Happiness hide? How can we find it?
This quest passes by the decoding of the messages which are sent to us by the life itself. We are much more than a reflection in a mirror. The secrets codes of life are engraved in every single cell, in every single dimension of our being. Each individual carries in him the power to shape its existence as he wishes it. Because we don’t undergo the life, we create it in every moment. Each lived experience, whether good or bad, is a blessing, because it brings to light our unsuspected aspects.
In order to discover the secret codes of the life, it is necessary as of now to free ourselves from the false beliefs, judgments or emotions traps which govern our decisions. In addition, our ignorance of God, of the soul or of the ego prevents us from having a more widened vision of the world around.
Explore your own being, you will notice that things are not as we perceive them. Your disorders will become a springboard towards healing. When we really know ourselves, we can do great things. We no longer worry, we create. Learning about ourselves, it’s learning about the rest of the World. Change life is not a long term job, but just a change of perception. From the feeling of insecurity, you will pass to inner peace. Ephemeral pleasures will give way to long-lasting Happiness. Love and Faith are the keys of a happy life. With them, all the roads lead to Happiness…

Posted on Apr 3, 2015