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From failure to success, a life changing journey!Here are a few mind numbing life changing facts. According to recent statistics, around 90% of people retire close to or at the poverty level. Two percent retire wealthy. Of the remaining 7 percent, some retire financially secure while others retire and are able to continue the lifestyle that lets them live comfortably, and some wind up between that point and the poverty level.

The fact here is that more than 90% of people do not retire anywhere near the lifestyle they had hoped and dreamed about their whole life, and then they blame others when things turn out bad. Sadder still is the fact that very few people give this a lot of thought until it’s way too late, when they are in their latter stages of life. But this mindset isn’t limited to our financial matters only, it bleeds over into all other areas of our life, and if you seriously want to change your life, it is extremely important that you realize this fact.

The real issue here is that people live for the pleasure of the moment, without little regard for the consequences of their actions in regards to their future. The retirement statistics prove this point, yet when those who are destined to wind up in that 90% who retire at or near the poverty level are approached about their bleak future outlook, they don’t want to hear about it. When that dreadful day of reality arrives, they are also the same people who are complaining about their situation and demand someone do something about it. Sorry, but the gov’t doesn’t bail out private citizens, they only bail out their own, their wealthy brethren who have or are about to fall on their butts.

It been said that failing to plan is planning to fail. This is so true, especially when it comes to financial matters.

It's time for a life changing journey!Let’s consider another area of life where this situation also plays itself out. It’s been noted over the years that many wealthy people gave up everything, including their health in order to gain their wealth. Yet, when they lose their health, they are willing to give up everything, including their wealth, in order to regain their health.

Do you see something wrong here? Do you see some similarities? It is all about planning. If you ignore your health, it WILL go away. If you ignore your financial matters, they never materialize. In either case, failure to plan for either in regards to the future is a simple guarantee that you will fail.  There must be some balance as well.  You don’t have to choose between health and wealth, with careful planning it is possible to have both.

Having worked for five years in a major hospital, one thing was noted, of those patients who were there for health issues (not there due to an accident of some sort), they usually had two things in common, age and weight. These two factors usually meant severe health problems, which of course was the reason they were in the hospital.

One other thing the majority of these patients had in common was the fact that when asked about their present condition in relationship to how they lived their life, almost all of them had a great deal of regret, and wished that they could somehow go back and change how they had lived their life.


Are You Ready To Begin A Life Changing Journey?

This series is called “The Life Changing Journey” for a reason. We cannot make anyone change their habits, or make them plan for their future, but we can certainly encourage them to do so, and in the process, we can also share some strategies to help avoid being part of the statistical outlook that is currently so bleak.

Are you ready to begin your life changing journey?The bottom line here is this…if you want to retire above the uncomfortable poverty line, you have to plan accordingly. If you want to retire healthy, you will need to look at your current lifestyle habits and ask yourself if these habits will one day have you joining the majority of people who live in regret, or if your habits help to ensure your golden years will be enjoyable.

While there are never any guarantees in life, if you want your future to turn out the way you have hoped and dreamed for, them you must plan for it if it is to happen. Remember, failing to plan is no different than planning to fail. It’s your life, and the choices you make today, are the choices you have to live with tomorrow.

Would you like to join us on this journey to a better future, one void of deep regret, or do you prefer to live only for the moment, which is a hard guarantee that you will retire broke and in bad health? It seems like a simple choice, yet many will still put off making this decision, which in reality means they are choosing to live for the moment.  Unfortunately, this is the default choice.

Remember the children’s story we have all heard about the ant and the grasshopper. The ant planned for the future, and the grasshopper didn’t. You know how that story ended. Choose this day whether you will be the ant, or the grasshopper, and leave us a comment below letting us know that you are joining us on this wonderful journey towards a brighter future!


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Are you ready to change your life?

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Posted on Nov 5, 2013